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Follow the rabbit in you with VANGUARD
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follow the rabbit in you

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100% GENERAL Bio:

Defending the line between past and future, VANGUARDs music is hard to define. From rag-time blues to psychedelic soul, their set-lists can stretch genres like an encyclopaedia of Western music since folk and blues first came to town.

Representing the original music of songwriter, General Bazaar, VANGUARD started out as a dynamic trio. In 2019 VANGUARD announced the welcome addition of Billy Harvalias on electric and bass guitars.

He joins Matt W. Rose on keys and Carlosito 'the Wey' Gaston on percussion. Together with the General Bazaar they form an epic line-up. In 2020 Vanguard will separate operations to the 'light brigade' (cajon & keys) and the 'Brinkmanship' heavy division with electric guitars and drums. Stay tuned for more news!


Renown in their own Brussels circles and for their post-EU tours, follow the rabbit in you and open your eyes in a dream within a dream.

Be prepared to chill/dance, laugh/cry as VANGUARD hit the spot that most conventional bands cannot reach.

upcoming  shows

VIA VIA  12-09-2019   19h

Vanguard at Via Via
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General Bazaar and his Vanguard host the Bizon Blues Jam on Monday 7th November, 2016. Keeping music live in Brussels. Live concert from 21:30 followed by the Bizon Blues Jam Session


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post-trad, Folk, Blues, Soul




General Bazaar
Matt W. Rose
Carlosito Wey

Vassilis Harvalias


Unsigned & Proud

Discography: Bootleg Vol: I-VI

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Vanguard are the new atmosphere...
If you can find them...
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Vanguard "Hits the spot most bands cannot reach"
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Press: That Girl PR, Rebecca Brooks

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